Trudeau Must Come Clean On How Much Money Was Wasted On ArriveScam

February 27, 2024

Ottawa, ON – After eight years of Justin Trudeau, this Liberal Government is not worth the cost or the corruption. We now have people digging through dumpsters, desperately looking for food because they can’t afford to eat, heat or house themselves. But while Canadians struggle, Trudeau managed to waste at least $60 million on his ArriveScam app. 

The Auditor General has said that it is impossible to determine the true cost of this scam. Trudeau must be transparent about how this huge sum of money disappeared. Four years of emails vanished in an apparent attempt to cover up the corruption and destroy records related to the $60 million ArriveScam app.

On top of this, millions of dollars of taxpayer money were wasted by Trudeau Government officials who rigged the contracting process for their friends. As a direct consequence of this, 76 percent of the ArriveScam contractors did zero work on the app. 

Canadians deserve answers as to why Justin Trudeau’s useless ArriveScam app went from costing $80,000 to at least $60 million, 750 times the original price. The Liberals are desperate to cover this up, but Conservatives will fight to ensure every taxpayer dollar is accounted for.

For this reason, Conservatives tabled a motion in the House of Commons calling on Trudeau to table the full cost of ArriveScam within 3 weeks and to reclaim all money that was paid to contractors and subcontractors who did no actual work on the app, which the federal government has ability to do.

Common Sense Conservatives will get to the bottom of this scandal and bring home accountability for Canadian taxpayers.