MP Cooper Introduces Canada-Taiwan Relations Framework Act

June 15, 2023

OTTAWA, ON — Michael Cooper, Conservative Member of Parliament for St. Albert—Edmonton, introduced Bill C-343, the Canada-Taiwan Relations Framework Act.

Bill C-343 provides a framework for strengthening economic, cultural, and legal relations between Canada and Taiwan and further directs the Canadian government to support Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

“It is time that Canada adopted an approach to Taiwan that better reflects the current reality,” said MP Cooper. “This legislation clarifies Canada’s relationship with Taiwan with the objective of strengthening Canada-Taiwan relations.”

Taiwan is among Canada’s most important and fastest-growing trading partners, and Taiwan shares common values with Canada as a leading democracy in the Indo-Pacific region. Canada and Taiwan enjoy strong people-to-people links, with Canada being home to over 175,000 Taiwanese Canadians.

This legislation ensures Canada will fully support Taiwan’s participation in international organizations and trade agreements such as the CPTPP. It also takes important steps to strengthen our diplomatic relations.

“It is in Canada’s economic and strategic interest to strengthen our relationship with Taiwan,” said MP Cooper. “This legislation recognizes the reality that Taiwan is a vibrant democracy, a world-leading economy, and an important ally of Canada. It’s long past time for Canada’s policy toward Taiwan to reflect that reality.”