Liberal-NDP Experiment of Decriminalization of Hard Drugs Must End

April 30, 2024

Ottawa, ON – After nine years of Justin Trudeau, the dangerous Liberal-NDP experiment of decriminalizing hard drugs has failed. This was confirmed last week when NDP Premier David Eby asked Trudeau to walk back significant elements of his decriminalization program.

The Trudeau Liberals have flooded the streets with dangerous opioids and have ignored all evidence that doing so has ruined the lives of countless Canadians. Since Trudeau formed government, 42,000 Canadians have died from drug overdoses. In British Columbia alone, the province has seen a nearly 400 percent increase in drug overdose deaths, yet the Liberal-NDP government decided to decriminalize opioids, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine anyway. Since decriminalization, chaos and disorder have reigned free in public spaces across British Columbia.

On top of this, it is increasingly clear that taxpayer-funded drugs continue to be diverted. Multiple police busts have shown that so-called “safe supply” drugs have ended up in the hands of organized crime and sold to teenagers across the country, leading our youth into the destructive cycle of addiction. The street price of hydromorphone has also fallen dramatically, condemning those suffering with addiction to a life of misery. Despite this, Trudeau’s Minister of Mental Health and Addictions refused to take immediate action to grant BC’s request and refused to rule out an even more extreme decriminalization policy in Toronto.

On Monday, Common Sense Conservatives asked the Speaker of the House of Commons to hold an emergency debate on Trudeau’s reckless decriminalization policy. This outrageous decision flies in the face of the urgent need to act to end this crisis. As a result, Conservatives are calling on the Liberal Government to use their authority to call a debate on the issue themselves.

Common Sense Conservatives are calling for a complete end to Trudeau and the NDP’s deadly failed experiment of decriminalization and taxpayer-funded hard drugs. We will restore hope for our most vulnerable by investing in recovery, not taxpayer-funded hard drugs.