Filmmaker Aaron Gunn officially nominated as Conservative Party of Canada candidate in North Island–Powell River

December 07, 2023

Aaron Gunn - Official NIPR-CA Candidate

December 1, 2023


CAMPBELL RIVER, BC - Filmmaker Aaron Gunn has been officially nominated as a candidate by the Conservative Party of Canada.Gunn will be running as a Conservative in the next federal election in North Island–Powell River, a seat currently held by the NDP's Rachel Blaney.

"The journey has just begun! I am excited to be part of the team to defeat Justin Trudeau and make Pierre Poilievre the next Prime Minister of Canada," Gunn said Friday. "Since meeting Pierre in 2021, I've gotten to know the man I believe will be Canada's next Prime Minister. He has the vision, drive and, most importantly, the courage to stand up to Ottawa's elites and finally defeat Justin Trudeau."

Gunn's recent films, including Vancouver is Dying and its sequel, Canada is Dying, rank among the most viral documentaries in Canadian history, racking up millions of views. He notes, "While I am proud of my work investigating these issues, I don't just want to report on them; I want to do something about them."

Gunn states why he decided to step into politics, "I'm tired of watching our country head in the wrong direction. Whether it's the cost of living, a collapsing health care system, or deteriorating public safety, in Justin Trudeau's Canada, everything seems to be getting worse. I believe in putting taxpayers first, respecting our constitutional rights and supporting the hard-working men and women who built (and continue to build) this country every single day."

After serving in the Canadian Army Reserves and working with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Aaron went on to produce a series of hugely successful documentaries, along the way building the largest social media following of any political figure in BC. Aaron Gunn resides in Campbell River, British Columbia.

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