Committee Hearings on Beijing’s Interference Must Resume

August 11, 2023

OTTAWA, ON — Conservative Shadow Minister for Democratic Reform, Michael Cooper, released the following statement on resuming committee hearings on Beijing’s foreign interference:

Yesterday, Global Affairs Canada revealed that Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Chong was the target of an “information operation” from Beijing, between May 4 and 13, 2023, that “amplified a large volume of false or misleading narratives”.

The Procedure and House Affairs Committee is currently seized with an investigation into Beijing’s threats and intimidation from Beijing against MP Michael Chong’s family and Beijing’s interference in the 2019 and 2021 elections. Conservatives attempted to recall the committee to continue its work. The NDP and Bloc members of committee refused to join Conservatives and recall committee to bring transparency to Beijing’s ongoing interference campaigns in Canada.

By doing so, the Bloc and NDP, along with the Liberal government, further embolden Beijing to meddle in Canada’s democratic institutions as the communist regime does not fear repercussion and view Canada as a “high-priority target” according to CSIS.

The new revelations demonstrate again that the Liberal Government has failed to take meaningful action on Beijing’s interference in our elections and democracy.

Common sense Conservatives will continue to expose Beijing’s interference in our elections and democracy, and it is vital for the NDP and Bloc opposition to fight for transparency, instead of covering up for the Liberal Government.