January 30, 2023

Pierre Poilievre Caucus Address - January 27, 2023

Below, please find a copy of Pierre Poilievre's caucus speech for the National Caucus Retreat (January 27, 2023).  The full English video can be viewed here (YouTube). What's happening in our country? Seriously. Look around you. Crime is raging out of control in our streets. Our people are desperate that they'll have to...

December 15, 2022

Liberals Putting Vulnerable Canadians at Risk with Reckless MAID Legislation

Ottawa, ON – Michael Cooper, Conservative Shadow Minister for Democratic Reform, Stephen Ellis, Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, Rob Moore, Conservative Shadow Minister for Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and Dominique Vien, Conservative Associate Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, released the following statement regarding the...

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