2020 Directors

Thank you to the following individuals for allowing their names to stand as directors for the North Island-Powell River Conservative Association. 

2020 NI-PR Director Nominees

Peter Bolton (returning)
Laura Brandson (returning)
Michael Burke (returning)
Jonathan Calderwood
Bob Chandler
Andrew Christie (returning)
Caroline Cody
Guy Dewolf (returning)
Pamela Dewolf (returning)
Delbert Doll (returning)
Paul Forseth (returning)
April Hammond (returning)
Brian Hayes (returning)
Ron Kerr (returning)
Kevin Laird
Clark Maclean (returning)
Richard Martin (returning)
Vivian Martin (returning)
Glenn McCallum (returning) 
Roberta Melville
Angus Mumby
Michael Naish (returning)
Rod Nichol
David Peters (returning)
Lyle Pierce (returning)
Katherine Smigielski (returning)
Laura Smith (returning)
Sean Smyth